January 27th, 2011


VW Report for January

I figure this will be a "lump sum" maintenance report for January. There were a couple of expenses, but not enough to warrant posts of their own.

On December 27th there was a MAJOR snow storm here on Lon Gisland. Yep, you guessed it - I had to travel that night in the worst of it.

It was about 14 miles round trip and I only got stuck about six times. Unfortunately, I also was in a collision. I made a right turn and the road was icy. The car went wide and clipped the front of a car waiting to make a left turn. The other car had the front bumper cover damaged. Mine was the left turn signal and bracket, the left headlight, left front bumper trim and the hood. $250 total cost to me and I had them replace the right headlight also as it was still foggy even after a polishing treatment. Total outlay:$525.89. Plus my part of the rental car (a new Chrysler Sebring *yawn* - insurance allows a fixed $30 per day) about $160 or so, it hasn't hit the credit card yet. I don't know what this one will do to my insurance rate - we shall see.

The other expense was the NY State inspection and a bit of other work I wanted done. Tire rotation & balance, add some oil.
Mileage: 238535, Total: $134.61

So as I said, not enough for separate posts, but enough to log.

Side grumble: Regular gas is running about $3.359 / gallon, so a 3/4 tank fill up is about $40 per.