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A Challenge for a.l.f. Members Old and New

I have just posted this in a.l.f.

OK, here goes.

For the month of September I'd like to "reset" a.l.f. to the approximate state that it was about four years back.

Roleplay, furry discussions, "Whelpday" stories, Greeting parties etc etc

No Political posts, no ongoing arguments, no crap.

To the old timers who are out there, spread the word and come back for a month.
To the new folks, I invite you to introduce yourselves and tell us about your furry side.


To those who would post off topic or troll, Shh! Please? For a month?

I know this is idealistic. I know that there are those who cannot refrain from trashing this but I'd like to give it a try please.


I'd like to see it work! (I have my doubts though)


:P It was the lack of substantive discussion and rampant roleplaying (even hijacking "serious" threads) that drove me away in the first place.

I wish you luck, though. ALF used to be cool. :(
Well come back and try some serious stuff then please!
I agree.. I miss the old ALF..
I miss the old alt.lifestyle.furry. I was a regular there for most of 2000. The Homestead was always so friendly and peaceful. It's the only discussion-place of any kind I've seen where there were no arguments, fights, or anything. I only saw one or two trolls the whole time, and they were easy to ignore. The worst that could be said of the Homestead was that it was a little bit dull.

I'm not sure if this project will go any better than the attempted revival of AHWW did, though. v_v
I, too, wish you luck in this dear kirin. Though sadly, I am thinking it will be a tall order.

But will keep my paws crossed for it to work, anyway.

No, no. I don't think I come back and do RP there. I remember the last time that thing brought about a flamewar and er.... Yeah.... x.x
Well at least post something!

I will point out that a lot of good DID come out of that Roleplay, even if it was a bit "over the top" for a.l.f.

Most of the stuff I did post was personal stuff and I rather not give the flamers on there now anymore ammo to use against me so it's more of a no at the moment.

Things change, people move on and I think usenet is on the decline overall anyways.