Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

And now - a hard drive failure!

I got home from work tonight and found my monitor dark and there was no reaction from the computer when I tried to "wake it up" from the power saver mode.

I turned it off and now get a Primary Disk Failure message and very little else.

It's a Western Digital 120Gig drive. Best Buy installed it when I bought the machine, as the original drive seemed to be defective (I have it too, it wasn't defective) I do have a service contract, but I leave for
Memphis at 0830 so I can do nothing until I get back on Monday. The machine is an Alienware Area 51.

I'm running XP Pro and I have the CD and also the WD diagnostic floppy.

Any suggestions before I turn it over to the monkeys at the Best Buy service department next week?

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