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Five Hundred Furs, Fifteen Thousand Dollars!

I got back from the Mephit Furmeet last night.

WOW! I had a blast! (Even though I got there at 2PM and my checked luggage got there at midnight)

Once again I have not seen Memphis, once again I never left the hotel.
So what! I had FUN!

I got to partake in a music video filming by the Furry band Sub-level 03
[ ]

I met a really neat new fursuiter and her Mom - Hi paddlefoot_wolf  Hi Mom! Watch her folks - she is going to be a name in Fursuiting! And she is FUN!  I also very much enjoyed talking with her Mom too. It's great to find a parent who supports and even helps her kid with Furry.

Oh yeah, Fifteen Thousand two hundred eighty dollars (approximately) were collected for Tiger Haven { ] this year.
Whew!  This will build and completely furnish a new enclosure, and there's some left over for food.

If you have not experienced a Mephit Furmeet, try to do so! It is one of the neatest gatherings of the year.

I have pictures, but cannot post them at this point as I still have computer problems with the desktop PC.

More later perhaps ...

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