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Five Hundred Furs, Fifteen Thousand Dollars!

I got back from the Mephit Furmeet last night.

WOW! I had a blast! (Even though I got there at 2PM and my checked luggage got there at midnight)

Once again I have not seen Memphis, once again I never left the hotel.
So what! I had FUN!

I got to partake in a music video filming by the Furry band Sub-level 03
[ http://www.sublevel3.us/ ]

I met a really neat new fursuiter and her Mom - Hi paddlefoot_wolf  Hi Mom! Watch her folks - she is going to be a name in Fursuiting! And she is FUN!  I also very much enjoyed talking with her Mom too. It's great to find a parent who supports and even helps her kid with Furry.

Oh yeah, Fifteen Thousand two hundred eighty dollars (approximately) were collected for Tiger Haven { http://www.tigerhaven.org/ ] this year.
Whew!  This will build and completely furnish a new enclosure, and there's some left over for food.

If you have not experienced a Mephit Furmeet, try to do so! It is one of the neatest gatherings of the year.

I have pictures, but cannot post them at this point as I still have computer problems with the desktop PC.

More later perhaps ...


Glad you had fun.


Re: :)

*SIGH* At this point it's very doubtful.

I'll have to be happy with FurFright in CT (and I may not stay overnight for that one)
I miss MFM. I have so fallen out of the loop lately.
Yeah, it's about time y'all came home for a visit!

We're in a different hotel now, by the way, but we have ALL the meeting spaces, ballrooms, garden court, etc for the entire weekend.

(By the way, the Saturday Night Pizza feed served up about 130 pizzas this year)

I'm also back on staff again next year, co-chair of the Greymuzzle track once again.
So glad that you had a great time. We'll look forward to seeing the pictures when you can get the computer problems resolved. Take care! *hug*
It was great to see you and yerf with you! Now.....about those pics from the SubLevel 3 shoot....*grins*
Well you took the words right out of my mouth.

MFM was great this year. I came back refreshed and recharged, something I really needed. Even if TSA did try to ruin it in the beginning (they damaged two pieces of equipment I had packed) I still came through with a furry high!

Got some good video and will be trying to transfer it to DVD later in the week or next week. As for Paddlefoot Wolf I fully agree, she is one neat fursuiter. Wish I'd gotten to know her and her Mom more. Ah well, there's always next year.