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It's Christmas Time at K-Mart

Yesterday I drove my folks up to my brother's place on Cape Cod.  Today I came home by bus.  I arrived in NY City at about 7PM with about an hour before my train home.  I decided to kill some time by wandering the open stores.

K-Mart has a good part of their Chrismas department set up already.  *sigh*


Costco had their Christmas stuff on sale too.

What happened to Thanksgiving?

Baa Humbug

What now.....I have to start my X-mas depression in September....its just not reasonable I tell you....*tail wags*
Yup, Got to make the dollar you know.
And we wonder why the kids don't understand the true meaning of any holidays anymore.
Bleah. Ya, I've noticed that up here too. Some of the stores around here were quietly dusting off their Christmas goodies back in August. Can't they at least wait until after Halloween?
Seems to be getting earlier each year, don't it?

You knwo me and a few others were talking once (Can't remember if it was when I was over here, or the states, the picnic or at Anthrocon). But, we came to this conclusion that once they have caught up with each other and gone ahead by one year to prepare for Christmas then some huge black hole will come about or everyone will turn into big fluffy tribbles :D
*nods* Depressing, innit?

Heck, when I worked for Hallmark, the ornaments would go up starting in July, with boxed cards and wrapping paper to follow in...September/October I think. I forget. Meh.
I just noticed I mis-spelled "Christmas" *grin*.
(Musta been tired)

Yeah, I keep forgetting those June/July Hallmark displays. Especally since I check out the Trek ornaments. It just hits harder when there's an six foot inflatable Mickey Mouse poised to sing Christmas Carols and surrounded by his friends.

*nods* The ships were always neat :) I used to buy ornaments for friends cos I'd get a 40% discount. Even with not having a tree, I still would come home with an ornament or two for me, especially Lion King themed ones. There's a new carousel series starting up that I might just collect...

I've been kind of soured on the whole season, and holidays in general (except Halloween. I'll always love it), having survived those years in a card shop and one in a nursery/garden center/christmas shop. So many angry people...the few really happy nice people you'd get in line never quite offset the hundreds of mean, rude, vicious shoppers. It's a little better now since I'm not on the receiving end of the counter anymore. :)

What happened to Oct 31st,

or any other holiday?

Re: What happened to Oct 31st,

They had that stuff out too, near the front of the store.