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It's Christmas Time at K-Mart

Yesterday I drove my folks up to my brother's place on Cape Cod.  Today I came home by bus.  I arrived in NY City at about 7PM with about an hour before my train home.  I decided to kill some time by wandering the open stores.

K-Mart has a good part of their Chrismas department set up already.  *sigh*


*nods* Depressing, innit?

Heck, when I worked for Hallmark, the ornaments would go up starting in July, with boxed cards and wrapping paper to follow in...September/October I think. I forget. Meh.
I just noticed I mis-spelled "Christmas" *grin*.
(Musta been tired)

Yeah, I keep forgetting those June/July Hallmark displays. Especally since I check out the Trek ornaments. It just hits harder when there's an six foot inflatable Mickey Mouse poised to sing Christmas Carols and surrounded by his friends.

*nods* The ships were always neat :) I used to buy ornaments for friends cos I'd get a 40% discount. Even with not having a tree, I still would come home with an ornament or two for me, especially Lion King themed ones. There's a new carousel series starting up that I might just collect...

I've been kind of soured on the whole season, and holidays in general (except Halloween. I'll always love it), having survived those years in a card shop and one in a nursery/garden center/christmas shop. So many angry people...the few really happy nice people you'd get in line never quite offset the hundreds of mean, rude, vicious shoppers. It's a little better now since I'm not on the receiving end of the counter anymore. :)