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Kirin 01 - portrait

Cameras revisited.

Well, Best Buy went and offered 18 months interest free on digital cameras.

I almost got away free and clear, the store near work and the store near home did not have them in stock - they sell out fast!

(Un)fortunately a store almost on my way home did have the camera, the 75-300 telephoto lens and a camera bag kit with a battery and haze filter (used more to protect the lens) included. So with those items, a second filter and a 4 year "bumper to bumper" extended warranty I was sidetracked and the purchase was made.

The 35mm equipment and the Minolta S304 will be up on e-bay at some point.

*sigh* I gotta curb these buying instincts sometime.


*poke pokes*

What you get what you get......all this digital mumbo jumbo.....whats it in 35 mm lingo.......:)
*speaks through a styrofoam cup, imitating Darth Vader*
Welcome to the digital side... now, all you will need is more compact flash memory... software...DVD writers... *muffled draconic laugh*

We are doomed... but at least we can email em as we take em!



If Camstone's enjoyment of his digital camera is any indication, you will really enjoy your new digital friend. Camstone's camera rarely leaves his side, and he's taken some great photos. So don't feel guilty....just enjoy it! Hope you are well!