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Kirin 01 - portrait

Cameras revisited.

Well, Best Buy went and offered 18 months interest free on digital cameras.

I almost got away free and clear, the store near work and the store near home did not have them in stock - they sell out fast!

(Un)fortunately a store almost on my way home did have the camera, the 75-300 telephoto lens and a camera bag kit with a battery and haze filter (used more to protect the lens) included. So with those items, a second filter and a 4 year "bumper to bumper" extended warranty I was sidetracked and the purchase was made.

The 35mm equipment and the Minolta S304 will be up on e-bay at some point.

*sigh* I gotta curb these buying instincts sometime.


*poke pokes*

What you get what you get......all this digital mumbo jumbo.....whats it in 35 mm lingo.......:)