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I can already see it coming: First they'll start letting people
clone their family pets, then some owners will be unhappy with
the results, and the next thing you know, we'll have a bunch of
copycat killings.


You know...


...Well that was just...

...Well, it was a bad pun.


It did make me smile though. :)

Swifty Fox
Oh BIG SMACKS for you!
I second this motion! ;)

Maybe it's the late hour....but that is one bad pun.
Kitsune ***POUNCES*** Kirin for that pun
That's just sad.  If you clone something, you should be required to keep the outcome, even if it's not to your taste.  (Yeah, I know, it's just a pun, but I really dislike the simplistic thinking that passes for "ethics of cloning" these days.)
*The Kirin watches the pun fly overhead*

"That's one ..."


Re: Hmm...

Two ...
*Holds up the Offical Master Zen-Dao Meow's Napping Cats Dream "Broom of Punishment"(To be used ONLY in the event of bad puns.) Then hands it to LKCMSL to do the honors.*


Who promptly brooms the Kirin for that one.

I will try not to wake you out of a sound sleep, even at 9p, ever again, if this is the result. ;=3

That was bad, but good. ;=3
O U C H ! ! !

That earned you some time in the punnety box!