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Slowly but surely

I'm finally getting my PC back online.

I have not given up on trying to get data off the bad Western Digital 120 gig drive, but i was getting tired of working off the laptop.

The "worst" thing I'll have to do is re-scan a couple of hundred CD's into the inventory program, as I found a copy of an older data file on my D Drive.


One Word

It has saved my butt more than once and in fact twice over in just the last couple of months. While I did lose some files most was there once I got the PC running.
What I've started doing now is backing up to a second hard drive AND a network drive. The local drive every night and the network every week. If you've got a CD burning back up data to a CD-RW disk each night.

Okay, I've caused enough pain with what turned out to be a 'you should have done' post. Sorry.
Something about horses and barn doors comes to mind, right?

I'll be putting in backup drive(s) once things are settled I think.
If you don't have a backup program I'd suggest BackUp MyPC by Stomp, Inc. Very good clean software with lots of options for backup and it will do almost any media, tape, disk, CD, DVD, etc.

It was developed by Veritas software but recently handed over to Stomp. Great software IMHO.