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XP Service Pack 2 woes ...

Last night I tried to install SP2 on my laptop from the Microsoft CD.

It got quite a ways into the process and then aborted with a message that
said that the process could not continue and that the system could not be
restored to its previous state, or something like that.

I used the XP disk repair function to try and get things back, but no luck.

The machine now boots, puts up the XP splash screen, gives an error box
saying there's no virtual memory available and then reboots.
This cycle will continue until the machine is shut down.

It happens with safe mode too.

I have not tried to boot from a floppy - I ran out of time.

Any suggestions or am I in for a total from scratch install? *shudder*


Clean install really.

Look, Service Pack 2 for XP is fucked up. I would leave it and stick to Service Pack 1a for the time being. It has over 200 programs that it breaks (Most are well known firewall programs and Antivirus/Antispam programs)

If you have more than one partition on your hard disks. Go use the XP CD and go into recovery mode. Then copy stuff that you need to back up to another partition.

After that, exit and reboot and install XP from scratch. Choosing to format the partition that XP came on and just install Service Pack 1a instead.

I had same issues and to be hoenst SP2 gave me more headaches that what it is supposed to fix.

It works for some people and by all means, if it works okay then good for you. But in this case I have to say, forget about SP2 altogether.

You can get same security and possibly better by using Zonealarm Pro, Norton Antivirus 2005 Pro and Norton Antispam 2005 Pro as well. Costs more but at least you know it works and won't fuck up the OS.

And to think that Microsoft is working on bringing an Antivirus program of their own. *shudders*

Only a clean install Smrgol. When service packs don't install properly. It really messes up the NT kernal etc. Try and back up all that you can from the recovery console and then do a clean install but stick to service pack 1a.
It sounds like your pagefile.sys file may have become corrupted. If you can boot up into a DOS-style shell (your XP CD should let you boot up into a repair mode) then track down that file (you may have to unhide it) and delete it. If you can't get that to work then you might try editing the registry to change the name to something other than pagefile.sys for now. If that doesn't help then you're probably going to have to do a clean install.

I have yet to encounter a problem installing SP2 on a system, but there is no denying the steady stream of horror stories coming in about it. Here's something that's worth a shot: if you can get access to a working machine with a CD burner then copy your XP install disk to the hard drive, slipstream Service Pack 2 into it, and then burn it to a new bootable install CD. At worst you're out $.25 for a CDR if it doesn't work. I've had great luck with slipstreamed installs, though. (Just do a Google search for "SP2 slipstream" for simple instructions on how to do this).

I really like ZAP as a firewall, but as antivirus goes I can't bring myself to recommend any Norton products at this point. Buggy, DRM-laden spyware crap these days. I've had nothing but headaches trying to fix up clean out-of-the-box installs for people with Norton's latest fare. Kaspersky or Trend Micro both make solid anti-virus products that don't come with all the Symantec baggage.
I get good results with NAV and ZAlarm. And my SP2 is working fine. Of course, I tore the computer down to nothing, put XP on and then put SP2 in before anything else.