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I have been trying to get my WAP to talk with a WEP and cannot get the notebook to understand things.

It's one of the new Toshibas with the built in Celeron wireless system, and the wireless access point is a Linksys WAP11.
XP home, service pack 2 etc, etc ...

They see each other OK, and I get a clear connection if I leave the WEP security disabled.
When I try to set that up I get nowhere. It's probably something simple and stupid too.

With a WEP passwoed enabled, the signal is still excellent, but the notebook will not communicate with the access point at all.
I have not called Linksys, as they run 9-5 business hours (Pacific) and Toshiba wasn't helpful, although the techs stayed with me until I gave up.

The wireless wizard in XP Home is too smart for it's own good, and remembers the incorrect pass phrase I typed in rather than the one I replaced it with. I can't get rid of the old one.

All I need is a step by step guide on how to set up the PC. I've found nothing in the manual that helps, just discriptions that gloss over the details.

Does anyone know of an online source that will walk me through this?

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