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Kirin 01 - portrait

Cover Your tail!

So that they will not be blaimed for kiddies overusing the Nintendo DS, you must acknowledge a warning message to read the Health and Safety information before you can do anything with the system.

Other than that it's a pretty cool gadget. I like it!


I may, may trade in my old GBA for one. Not sure yet though. Have to ask Gamestation nearer to the time if they want to allow trading in the old gameboy advances sp's.
If you still have and use older GameBoy games (original or colour GB) you'll need to hold onto that GBA as the DS does not play the original cartridges, nor does it support multiple player mode on GBA cartridges.

The supplied Metroid game makes full use of the DS. Left + pad to move, stylus to aim and jump (double tap) right buttons to do more stuff or move and the "shoulder buttons" to shoot.

I still have not figured how to get the character to turn into a ball.

There's another game that shows off the capabilities too - Feel the Magic: XY/XX which uses all forms of input - including "blowing wind" into a sailboat's sails (using the microphone). There's a character with rabbit ears who sets up the "stunts" by the way.

There will also be a version of Animal Crossing coming out.