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Kirin 01 - portrait

The bear looses his job

After many years of faithful duty with the US Forest Service,
their beloved fire prevention mascot was unceremoniously "re-
tired." Still in the prime of his life and bearing one of the
world's most recognizable faces, he quickly found work as a
spokesman for the world's leading exporter of diamonds.

He's now working as "Smokey DeBeers."


*defenestrates the kirin*
Sure he wasn't outsourced? It’s all the rage now a days. Prob got some Bengal Tiger in a bear fursuit as a replacement. =^x.x^=
Actually, they probably got u_t_tiger to do it.

He is both tiger and bear. ;=3
Totally unrelated, but can you please resend me your snail mail addy, so i can send you a holiday card???

Thanks for the birthday message you left yesterday ;)