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Employment Terminated

Well, it's official. As of tonight I no longer work for Silvester+Tafuro, Inc. who have employed me for the past six years.

The partners sold the company so I now work for TranSystems Corporation, Norwalk CT division.

Same office, same salary, basically the same job, but with a better benifits package.

So the president of S+T handed me my termination letter and the president of TranSystems handed me my employment letter and employee manual, plus a whole lot of forms to fill out.

It'll be interesting to see how it goes.


PHEW! Major relief sigh.

When I first read that, I assumed the worst until I clicked the link.

Glad the new company will be better to you regarding benefits.

Oh you don't know what you just did to me my friend!
*Takes a deep breath*

I'm glad it was that type of news and not what I expected. I just hope it continues to be a friendly and enjoyable place to work.
I second Louve's expression of Whew!!
Right, no sweets or anyhting now after that little one. Good luck with the new job and all but ugh. Half asleep otter read the only few words that kinda unscrambled in my mind and thought the worse then. Meep

But yeah, good luck anyways.
Good joke.  But after all the puns you've been posting, I withheld judgment on the subject until I could read the content.  Congratulations on your non-layoff!
I'm relieved that you're still employed, but did they carry over your service (assuming there's a scale for increased vacation and benefits over time), and was your pension/401k the same?

As many of my Brit and Aussie blokes would say...


Don't DO that, mate! Friggen scared me alf' t'death! *pant*pant*pant* Though I'm glad to see that you're doing well. Good! Oh, and sorry about the car. *HUGS*
Yeah, it was a bit of a sneaky way to set it up.
*grin* Pay attention to the mood icon and picture folks.

Bad news would have had the Rog Minotaur "I am Not the One" picture, and my mood would not have been "good".

I knew this was coming for several weeks, but we were asked not to talk about it until it was official.

Yes, my seniority, vacation time etc do carry over. It'll be a new 401K with matching! My old 401K, such that it was, has been rolled over into an IRA.

I honestly think that this will be a good opportunity. TranSystems bought S+T due to our strength in Airport work and Retail (about 80% of the Hudson News stands - including the one in the movie "The Terminal" - are designed by our office.) This company also does railroad work(!)so I may get to branch out a bit. They also have offices all over the country and do sometimes move people on a temporary basis. For the most part, it'll be "business as usual" but with new timesheets, pay schedule and stuff.

I'll just have to see how it goes, I guess. I'm looking forward to it.

Gave it away ;)

It cracks me up that NO ONE payed ANY attention to your mood (which gave you away BTW). ;) So, sorry, didn't fall for it, but I am still happy for ya. :) *G*