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I'm going to need another rear bumper.

I got hit in stop and go traffic on the way home tonight,

Nobody hurt, but I'm going to need a new bumper and probably the support underneath it.
The woman that hit me will need a lot more - parking light, headlight, driver's side fender and maybe a hood.  She tried to stop but said her brakes didn't work right.  She had had them worked on receintly too.  There was a patch of slippery light brown liquid under the corner of her car after she pulled off the road.  Not oil - probably brake fluid.  It just means that I'll have to do without the car for a few days sometime soon.  The annoying thing is that this collison took out the bumper protector that I had special ordered from Japan through a member of the Passat group.  It will not be easy to replace that part.

Oh well!


I am really sorry, Smrgol.

First, I am glad that you, nor anyone else, were not hurt.

Hope you car is not out of commission for long, and that the insurance issues go through easily.

And that you can find that replacement part.

Btw- did you get my comment I left in which I asked for you to resend me your snail mail addy? I want to get your holiday card out ASAP.

Well the good news is no one is hurt. The bad news is you continue to have car problems.

It seems you've had quite a run of bad luck with the car this year and I hope 2005 will be much different. Did you by any chance think to get a picture (with your clie or other wise) of the puddle? That could come in useful in the future if things get messy with insurance and such.