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I'm going to need another rear bumper.

I got hit in stop and go traffic on the way home tonight,

Nobody hurt, but I'm going to need a new bumper and probably the support underneath it.
The woman that hit me will need a lot more - parking light, headlight, driver's side fender and maybe a hood.  She tried to stop but said her brakes didn't work right.  She had had them worked on receintly too.  There was a patch of slippery light brown liquid under the corner of her car after she pulled off the road.  Not oil - probably brake fluid.  It just means that I'll have to do without the car for a few days sometime soon.  The annoying thing is that this collison took out the bumper protector that I had special ordered from Japan through a member of the Passat group.  It will not be easy to replace that part.

Oh well!

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