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Packed, but I have a question for those who travel ...

Well, I'm packed for my Sacramento trip on Sunday.

If I leave the Canon Digital Rebel SLR at home, and just take the point 'n shoot,  I can go with one carry-on and my computer bag only.
No checked luggage.

Or ...

Does anyone know if I could get away with a camera case - just the camerain a protective Cordura bag, no full gadget bag - and the above two pieces?
Would they count the camera as an extra piece and give me a hassle?  I don't do much travelling, so I don't know these details.  It's American Airlines by the way.


Merry Christmas... and have a safe trip.

you just have to show the camera is operable at security and you can take it as carry on
Merry Christmas, Smrgol!

I was kind of hoping that you'd help capture part of the wedding day in pictures to add to what the wedding photographer will do. You know.....pictures of Camstone fiddling with fixing his tie, Camstone with a nerve soothing scotch, etc. Camstone is bringing his Canon, so if you don't want to bring yours, you could use his, that is if you're willing. ;)

About the airport folks, sometimes it can be hard to tell. If you check the carry-on through, you'd have no problem. If you bring the carry-on bag with you on the plane, is there room in the bag to place the camera if airline staff have a concern? When I've traveled, and been in the same circumstance, I've always made certain that if I had to I could fit the smallest item in one of the other two carry on items. If it's just the camera in a protective bag and not a full gadget bag, I don't think they'd give you a hassle. And if they really did, they could always check the bag at the gate. I've seen that happen before if a flight is really full.

Hope this helps! Safe travels and see you tomorrow!
As long as you can show them that the camera is operable, you shouldn't have any problem. I've flown many times when I had my carry-on bag and my camera bag, and they've never given me any grief over it.

Have a good and save holiday.
Glad you're ready. Wish I could say the same. My hope is tomorrow afternoon I'll pack. I'm running the same game plan as far as bags and will be totally carry on. Heck for two days, one of which I'll be in a tux most of the time, I could almost get away with one bag. I just wish things would quiet down a bit so I didn't feel so rushed in the getting ready for this. Still what can I expect during this season. I'll see you out there.