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Kirin 01 - portrait

Well, I'm on my way.

In about 15 minutes I head out to LaGuardia Airport.

By noon I'll be sitting in Dallas-Fort Worth for three hours.  LKCMSL will be flying into DFW too, and we are on the same flight out to Sacramento.

The hotel has internet capabilities, so hopefully I won't be cut off for the next four days.

I'll be back here at about 1:30AM on the 31st.

As I said in my last post, I'm travelling fairly light - one carry-on, my computer bag and my camera.
I hope it all goes well.


Safe Travel. See you there early Tuesday morning.
Glad you made it here safe... and we enjoyed having you over for dinner, and the gift of a wooden horse was wonderful!
Glad you got there safely.

Have a wonderful time.

btw -- New Year's plans?
on the eve... Bill & Victor's place if your interested..
and then on Saturday, Vintage Subway Ride to the "Polar Bear Club Swim
9:although I am not touching that water.
Centennial Polar Bear Express vintage train at 9:30 AM from the D platform at Columbus Circle. It will pick up passengers along the D line in Manhattan and the B line in Brooklyn to Stillwell Av.

Hope everything went well out there!