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Well, I've just signed up for Megaplex down in Orlando FL.
I'll be on the same flights as JBadger so we'll car pool to JFK from my house.

I still have to book the Hotel - Sharing room with LionKingCMSL and set up parking at the airport.


Re: need roomie

I have no probs with that.


Just so you know, we won't be staying at the hotel Sunday night.

Re: need roomie

Hey Tony - Maybe it would be better if you set up the room and let LK and I room under your name.
That way you can have it for as long as you need.
Forgot to say this -- Seat 6F both ways FYI
I am set up further back in the plane - we can probably change it at the airport.
I wish I could go but I just don't see how. Hope you have a good time. Make sure to give me a full run down on how it goes so I know what to expect when I can go down to that one.