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I seem to have a weakness for interesting games.  That is, those that have unusual mechanics or a silly premise.

My latest is called "Gloom".  The idea is that you have to get your "family" really depressed and then kill 'em off.  You are also trying to cheer up your opponent's  faqmily so that they are less depressed than yours. Low score wins.  You have to watch out though.  The cards that cheer up an opponent may also give him (or her) a play bonus of some kind.
You get to play two cards per turn but can only bump off a family member with your first card.

The game is played with transparent plastic cards.  Each of these has markings on it that will sometimes add to and sometimes cover the markings of the card(s) below it in the stack.
Only the visable markings on dead players count towards your final score.

The full rules and description are here: 
and they make a lot more sense than my synopsis.

Now if only I could find folks to PLAY these games with!


I've been waiting oh so patiently for this game to come out.
Time to make a run to The Compleat Strategist, I guess.
It's a pity that you and Smrgol don't live closer together. I'm sure you'd find lots of games to enjoy together. Of course there's always the cons to do it at as well.
Tell me about it. Now Skytech and I live further apart (I moved 10 miles away)so he and I can't game as much as we'd like.

The main reason I still consider going to a con is to play and have fun. Most of the panels are beyond my artistic talent.
Another silly game. You know, you're dangerous to be around. You already got me into Fluxx and Munchkins... ;)