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Kirin 01 - portrait

Springfield Bound!

Tomorrow afternoon I head for Springfield MA straight from work.

This weekend is the Amherst Railway Society show at the "Big E"

It's usually a lot of fun.


Wow! Springfield show. I have great envy.

Have fun, and say hello to The Chief for me if you see him there!
The Big E! We used to go up there every year for 4-H stuff. :) Ahh, memories
Hope you have a great time.
What's the news from Springfield? Anything good for the soul, and bad for the checkbook?
Yep! Some good stuff on the way.

From Atlas MP15 DC's in both N and HO, multiple versions, and a B23-7.


From Athern, the MP15AC in HO (Yay!) and an SD45-2


Athern was also showing off all their N and HO line.

http://dirtdeninn.com/smrgol/Springfield/Athern Display_01.htm

Kato has an N Scale F3 set in Western Pacific Stainless Steel that REALLY looks good.

And there was a lot more too.
Oh, the MP15s. They bring me such joy! And to think, I was just about to scrap my last remaining SW1500 shell to make one. Thanks!
The Atlas MP's are due in a few months at most.
Dont expext the Athern for a year or so. The shell I shot was a "first test".

Some Tecchie info - All the pictures were taken with my Canon Digital Rebel at the highest resolution .jpg setting. The full pictures behind the thumbnails are about 3.5M each.

They will only be up for a couple of weeks, as I don't want to overload Camstone's FTP site.
Thanks! The ACs are what I'm most interested in, specifically LIRR in the as-delivered MTA scheme. Even if it takes Athearn a year, it will still be sooner than if I had tried to build one myself.

Your Canon is pretty impressive. I'm trying to take it easy on Camstone's site and not look at all the pictures at once. :)

About five years ago, I filled out one of the surveys on which models I'd like to see in HO. My picks were SD45T-2, MP15AC, and Erie Lack style SD45-2. Now here they are, one after another. Athearn likes me. Next time the survey comes around, I'll ask for: FL9, F40PH-2C, and SDP40F. The SDP I could scratchbuild, but the other two require major frame stretching that has kept me away for now.