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Kirin 01 - portrait

Springfield Bound!

Tomorrow afternoon I head for Springfield MA straight from work.

This weekend is the Amherst Railway Society show at the "Big E"

It's usually a lot of fun.


Thanks! The ACs are what I'm most interested in, specifically LIRR in the as-delivered MTA scheme. Even if it takes Athearn a year, it will still be sooner than if I had tried to build one myself.

Your Canon is pretty impressive. I'm trying to take it easy on Camstone's site and not look at all the pictures at once. :)

About five years ago, I filled out one of the surveys on which models I'd like to see in HO. My picks were SD45T-2, MP15AC, and Erie Lack style SD45-2. Now here they are, one after another. Athearn likes me. Next time the survey comes around, I'll ask for: FL9, F40PH-2C, and SDP40F. The SDP I could scratchbuild, but the other two require major frame stretching that has kept me away for now.