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US Snail - *YAWN*

Well, my fursuit was mailed from Maryland between two and three weeks ago and has not yet arrived in South Norwalk (I had it sent to the office). I would have thought it would only take a week or so.

G can't find her reciept, but the package is insured and should have delivery confirmation. If I recall, you can't do the insurance claim for at least a month. I'm going to head over to the S Norwalk Post Office on Monday at lunch time. She's going to try from her end.

I hate waiting ...


Oh no. I hope it's not lost. You've been waiting for this for a long time and now for the post office to mess it up. Ouch!

Good luck on Monday.
Just send me out... I can do a search and destroy... er.. search or destroy... er... maybe it's best I just wait.

But a bummer about the suit... that's a real pain in the tail )=P
Uh oh. Good luck with this.

The Post Office lost one of my Star Trek models, too. It's still out there somewhere six years later. :-(