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At least it wasn't lost!

Well, the package turned up. Would you believe it never left the Post Office down there?!

I'll let Gretchen tell the story ...

Anyways.. called the post office there on monday(before they closed). LUCKILY, colleen was there(Colleen's a friend of mine, and usually handles all my fursuit shipping). She said-guess what? They found the package in the break room. So, I told her to hold onto it, I'm going in tomorrow at lunchtime to get a new tracking #, and she said she'd ship it out immediately. I'm gonna try to upgrade to priority. She apologized to both of us profusely, btw. Saying that it was the new girl who didn't know what to do with a package that large, blah, blah blah.. Regardless.. we know where it is now :) I'm going to make sure it gets out PRONTO.

How about that ... If G didn't have a friend at the PO, that box could have been sitting for months.
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