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I don't know if I did the right thing or not ...

My Mom is into saving money and wanted us to give up the Cable internet service in favor of DSL at $15/mo cheaper for the first year. Of course I don't want to go throught the hassle of switching e-mail and stuff so I made a counter offer. They also wanted a cell phone. I told them I'd add a line to my existing Verizon Wireless account. It's giving me an additional 100 minutes a month, 500 instead of 400, but it'll also end up costing me between $20 and $25 per month more. It does give them some security when they go out now, and gives Mom peace of mind.

Anyway it's a "done deal" now. I hope it all works out.

By the way, I don't use up my time as it is, so feel free to call and chat. Verizon Wireless folks - it won't cost you anything because of their "in" network.


Had 1.5Mbps cable. Got 1.5Mbps DSL.
If I had 4MB Cable, I might not change.
I am not changing from DSL, though.

I'd lost cable so many times before, it wasn't funny. Every couple of weeks... bonk. Mailservice... bonk. Friday afternoons and the kids are home from school and playing online games... bonk. Bonk-bonk-bonk-bonk...

We've never lost the DSL or the phone except once when a hurricane hit two years ago. On all the time. 1.3-1.5mbps all the time. Lost mailserver once to a virus attack at the mainframe.

Look it up on http://www.dslreports.com/ to be sure of the providers though... all are not created equally.

High speed..

I have had a DSL account for the past 3 years now and wouldn't give it up for cable...its been reliable service and relatively cheep. A yearly package with SBC runs 26.95 a month.
Well seeing it's a "done deal" there's not much to say. I would agree with Cam and Inner that DSL is very good and reliable. I've had few problems with speed over the five years I've had it here (and I was on cable before) and I could count outages on one hand.

The only thing I might have checked out was one of Verizon's all in one plans. Cell phone, long distance, DSL plus some other goodies all in one package. I really don't know much more about it so I can't say if it would be better or not. In any case it sounds like you've made your choice so there's not much point in going on.

All in all I don't think you've done bad. Truth is I wish we had cell coverage up here so my parents could carry a phone.
Yeah, DSL is good, but it wouldn't be much cheaper.
The folks do not want to go with a Verizon package as they have pretty much kept a basic local service and moving to the package would roughly triple their current phone bill. They will use the cell phone for long distance (they've been using mine up until now).

One of the other reasons I balk at changing ISP's is that we got in at the beginning and I doubt I could get "davidmcc" at any established service right now. "smrgol" would be more probably available.