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Anyone doing Everquest II or Worlds of Warcraft?

I've got two characters in EQ II primed to leave the island, one is a Kerra Priest who I've been grooming with trade skills. His name is Quatt (pronounced "Cat")
He's headed for Qeynos.

The second is Sneaque, a Ratonga Scout headed for Freeport. I've got to work up his skills a bit before I send him out though.

Sneaque is as short as I could make him, Quatt is fairly tall.
Both are on the "Butcherblock" server. They both have 220% of experience "banked" so will probably be level 8 once they leave the island.

I have WofW too because it'll run on my laptop. I have not loaded it yet. My first character there will most likely be a Tauren Druid, as the shape change ability looks like fun.

The Shaman and Rogue look like interesting classes too.

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