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Cutting it close ... REALLY close!

Gretchen has had trouble finding fur to do the cuffs on the hooves.

She is mailing them back to me tomorrow - Monday, finished or not. She's using Priority Mail which is 3-5 days. I leave for Megaplex after work on Thursday.

Keep your digits crossed!


Can I keep my eyes crossed instead? Like Clarence. :=3
Has she hit the fursuit list with where to find the fur. They're usually pretty good at finding that type of thing. I know it wouldn't help before Megaplex but maybe after.

Have a good time down there.

Re: Hmm...

Yeah, I hope to use the full suit, but if I don't get the hooves it's kinda usless to bring the "pants".

If the hooves don't make it, you'll only see a partial suit and I'll use the "shirt" and Hakama pants and Tabi or something. I still have to work it out.