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Boy did I blow it!

I didn't have time to get gas on the way to work yesterday morning at $2.19/gal.
(Premium - the Passat needs the octane)

On the way home when I DID have the time the gas was $2.29/gal.!!  Oy!


You'd think they change the price for when people did have time to get gas... x.x
Gas in St Louis shot up .20 last Wednesday as I was getting gas turned on in the new place. Luckily I was able to fill up right before the station I was at jumped (they were changing the sign as I was filling up)
That's still less than we're paying up here in the flatlands. Our price works out to about $2.48 per US gallon.
Yup, tell me about it. I did just about the same thing and with the new vehicle it hurts all the more. Hello $50 fill up.
I'd suggest for you lot to get rid of SUV's or big engine cars and get something a bit more economical instead.

Mind you, this is one of those days where I am really glad I can't drive. o.o
That's fine if you have the option but life doesn't always allow that. I went from a car that I loved and got 30mpg or more to a minivan that's currently getting about 20mpg not because I wanted to but because I'm looking at having to carry two elderly parents to doctor's appointment, shopping and a number of other places. I'm also anticipating that a wheelchair or possibly two will be added to the load in the near future. Even before that carrying the two of them and a week's worth of groceries wasn't working very well. If this wasn't enough there's some things possibly happening at work that might make it very desirable to be able to carry more then three adults with comfort.

I'm as much an advocate of having no more car then you need as anyone. I hate seeing every other car on the road being a Stupid Useless Vehicle that could easily be replaced with a more fuel efficient car but for some of us (and this goes for some people with SUVs as well) the option just isn't there.
I don't have an option. Mobility issues suck and public transport is a joke to be honest.

But if you need something that big then by all means use something that fits into your specific needs. However.

I was on about those that have huge big cars with massive V8 engines and there is only one person driving it to the local shops and back and that's about it.

It's nothing against American's either. I have seen to my dismay some very sloppy, lazy, ilresponsible driving on this side of the pond. As in using a car just to drive the 50-100 yards to get to the corner village shop. (Well, the town built around this village so it is true.) Got out, shopped, back in car, drove the 50-100 yards home.

So it's not against you or those that do need that sort of car. I'd love to drive myself, but then I never really had that freedom so I don't really miss it or know about how useful it is to just jump into some car or whatever and go somewhere :)

But overall, the price of gas/petrol will go up slowly in the future as I haven't a clue on when it will run out either. Just hope alternative cheap fuel is found before then so that it won't affect people that much :)
Erf. I'm just glad I live in NM where gas is still under $2.00 (but probably not for long)

Helpful tool

This web site has proved to be helpful for sourcing the best pricing for fuel in a given region.

Re: Helpful tool

Yep, I know the site.

It doesn't really help when the price changes mid morning though.

I have a variety of stations I frequent depending on prices. I just got stuck this time.