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Sorry Gretchen ...

You did your best, it just didn't work.

I got the package from G today at work.  $37.00 to overnight it.
The hooves looked good, but did not work at all.  The construction was basically a wire frame covered in black duct tape and then a layer of wood putty.  The problem was that the wood putty did not set all the way through and the whole thing fell apart when I tried them.

I ended up scrapping the whole structure.  I went to Michael's Crafts and picked up some black craft foam sheet.  I used it to build hooves very similar to what I had done for Pony-San and used the pieces of G's fur to make up the "socks". n They will work until I can figure out how to do better.

I have JUST finished them (2:00AM).  I started at about 8PM.
In 3 1/2 hours my alarm will go off and I'll have to get up for work.

it's frustrating to have to trash someone's work, but I needed to have them done.


Like you said she gave it her best shot and it didn't work. I understand your feelings but you needed hooves and so you had to come up with a quick solution which you did. I hope Gretchen understands (I think she will) and maybe the two of you can exchange ideas about how to do some better the next time.
Happy birthday!
Its all good dude. My only regret is that it didn't work! (See if I ever listen to a home depot employee again...) I'm glad you got them done, however. If you need something more permanent, let me know and I'll just go with the ole' tried n' true fiberglass method(I should be purchasing some relatively soon).