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Sorry Gretchen ...

You did your best, it just didn't work.

I got the package from G today at work.  $37.00 to overnight it.
The hooves looked good, but did not work at all.  The construction was basically a wire frame covered in black duct tape and then a layer of wood putty.  The problem was that the wood putty did not set all the way through and the whole thing fell apart when I tried them.

I ended up scrapping the whole structure.  I went to Michael's Crafts and picked up some black craft foam sheet.  I used it to build hooves very similar to what I had done for Pony-San and used the pieces of G's fur to make up the "socks". n They will work until I can figure out how to do better.

I have JUST finished them (2:00AM).  I started at about 8PM.
In 3 1/2 hours my alarm will go off and I'll have to get up for work.

it's frustrating to have to trash someone's work, but I needed to have them done.

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