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Hanging out at VW

Well once again I'm sitting here at VW. 135K service and a ''Check Engine" light. Someone around here has WiFi though, and it's an open network. So I'm playing with the T5, surfing the web a bit and reading e-mail and LJ. Bored, bored, bored. Time to break out the PSP in a minute...


*waves from the other side of the USA*
135K already? In my mind, that car is still brand new.

If you get really bored, then it's time to start test-driving. :)
If the dealership was closer (it's in Bayside) to the service (in Great Neck) I might.

If I were to replace the Passat, it would probably be with a Jetta Turbo Diesel Wagon. Unfortunately no one can sell new diesel cars in New York, as NY has initiated clean air standards that the current diesel fuels cannot meet. Any new car must comply with these standards, so until the fuel is changed in two or three years, diesel cars cannot be sold. Stupid isn't it?
AFAIK Sony doesn't have a server up and running yet for the PSP, and no one else near me has one either (at least not with any of the 3 games I bought) so I'm stuck playing solo.
I don't know of any of their games that will support remote network play - yet. It would be neat though! I see people have already hacked into the web through the browser that comes with Wipeout Pure.

Nintendo will be doing some games for the DS, such as Animal Crossing, but not until October.
The 3 games I have (Wipeout Pure, Untold Legends, and Lumines) have the Ad-Hoc connectivity, but none of them support Infrastructure mode according to their packaging.
I have yet to find a wireless access point. Maybe it's time for Starbucks.
You actually bought that?

Ugh, it's just a Playstation 2 portable. Ah well :D

*waves from over side of pond*

You know, I am still going to get you one day to take me shopping within New York one day. *snerk*

It'll happen. Once plans go to plan on my recovery and getting life back together again.
Yep - I never had anything beyond an original Playstation. There are enough good games in the list that I went for it. It's quite a system!

Now hangin' at home ...

They need the car for the rest of the day. I'm a bit annoyed - they switched me over to synthetic oil at my last oil change, I thought I had told them not to. Now I'm stuck with the stuff, and still need to do 5000 mile changes for the turbocharger. Oh well.

I also need some kind of valve in the emissions system ($350 with labor) and tie rod ends on the right side (another $375) so today will not be cheap. (There goes the paid LJ account for another couple of months!)

They are eager to change the battery too ($200), but that's still doing OK so I can do it later.

Hopefully it'll settle down now and not cost me for a while.

Re: Now hangin' at home ...

Final total $828 - I forgot they would add an alignment after doing the tie rod end.
Isn't it just wonderful when a car slaps you beside the head with an unexpected expense. There are times I wish we all still walked or road horses. Still I know you've said the car is serving you well and with the miles you drive things are bound to turn up that need fixing. Good luck with what needs to be done.
I don't mind the repairs, they are expected with the milage I've put on the car. It's just that they all hit "at once".
Yeah, the hitting all at once is harsh, but hopefully well worth it. I had a major service done on the Subaru last week, and it practically drove like new when I got it back. Sure it was a lot of money for a repair, but a definite bargain compared to an actual new car.