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Need a Scanner?

Staples has the HP 4600 on sale for $29.95

This is the single pane see through model that you can use off its bed.

It comes with both OCR and stitching software so you can scan larger pieces in sections and put them together.

I got one, and so did my folks.


Wow, that's cheaper than my Canon scanner :)

Mind you, I did get that other scanner like 2 odd years ago so yeah, prices do keep on falling down :)
Mail in rebates?
No rebates. $29.95 off the shelf.
I'm seriously eyeing the CanoScan 8400F. I realized the other day that all the photos of my dad are all in the house. If it went up in smoke so would any memories of pop who passed away in '84. I then started looking at the large photo albums we have and realized that if I'm going to do this I should do it right which lead me to this scanner. It retails for $150 however I've found it for $129 on price grabber.

I’m kind of up in the air about it right now.
The Canon looks like it will do well.

I have an older HP film and Photo scanner, but it's SCSI and I don't have a slot for the SCSI card. My USB<>SCSI adaptor will not work under Windows XP so I will wait until I can get one that does or until I set up an non-XP box at some point.
Sounds like a good deal indeed. While HP makes some nice scanner equipment wise I've always had problems with their software. I prefer the Microtek scan maker line myself. The software that drives them is simple on the surface but can be tweaked greatly if you need. Glad the HP will do what you need.