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What the heck is wrong with drivers thse days?

Today was insane for both directions of my commute.

On my way to work there was a lane closed about a mile past a toll plaza. I went through the leftmost booth and rather than letting people merge, the other lanes of traffic seemed to actively work to keep people out. At one point a gap was opened and an SUV pulled into it without signalling almost clipping my car in the process - and she didn't even need to change lanes at that point. Nobody gave a break to anyone. I ended up having to play their game and wedge my way into the line - but at least I signalled.

On the way home it was worse. Two highways lead into a toll plaza (Throgs Neck Bridge for those who know it) The one I was on goes from three lanes to two and then joins another three lanes, making five feeding the toll plaza. I has a full tractor-trailer rig who needed to merge into my lane, with a signal, so I dropped back giving him room and flashed my lights to let him know he was clear. The car behind me gave me a blast of his horn for doing this. Jerk. What also was tying up the normally smooth flow was that just after the toll, one of the three lanes on the bridge was closed for resurfacing, so it was everyone funneling into two lanes. It was a repeat of the morning. No one giving room, no one giving way. At one point I was almost forced out of my lane by an SUV that moved over without checking or signalling the lane change.

This morning I should have been at work by 8:45 by normal standards, I got in at 9:10. Tonight I left work at 5:45, and got home at 7:40. *sigh*

Anyway I need to get a shower and get to bed early for once.



Ah the New York State drivers. *coughs*

Gotta love them. Mind you, I have seen the same sort of stuff happen over here. There's this thing that goes against anyone that thinks that they are some form of life that is only purely made by god and not by evolution..

And that is when we all get into our nice fast cars and want to get to work or get home. Everyone has to get home first and to hell with the rest of them.

It's very animalistic in the way that proves we evolved from another type of animal in the past. :)

I'd liek to say that this ins only one reason amongst a few that makes me glad that I can't actually drive. But it gives me the respect for others that do that has to drive and cope with the shit that goes on with other drivers.

They do say that transportin to and back from work is more stressful than doing the work itself.

We had the same trouble when we had the bridge here under roadworks all through the summer last year. It went down from four lanes. Two on each side to just two, but it really slowed things down, caused tailbacks and well. Tempers got raised and there were a few road rage incidents.

Mind you, I have seen the sort of drivers that have nearly knocked me down while crossing the road. I have been really, really lucky on it so far but you know, indicators are there to let someone know. (I can sometimes see the flashing orange lights) to let me know that you are turning so I won't cross but just speeding around the corner, no indicator and the sound of screeching tyres. Yeah.....

I just think in today's world, people are generally impatient and want everything to work immediately and all that. No one actually slows down now in life. It's like we're in an self built enviroment where we have to rush about at full pelt. Sometimes to dying out far too quickly.

sorry to hear you had a bad time on the roads though. But after experiencing one rush hour in New York freeways. That was really quite enough for me for one lifetime and I was only a passenger then. :)
I know what you mean. I've seen it up here and now that we are into repair season I'm sure I'll see more of it. What hurts the most is when you try to give someone a break, like you did with the tractor-trailer, some other jerk often jumps in causing a mess. I hope the pattern clears soon so you don't have to deal with more of this.