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Cyberhome has done it again!

This time it's a DVD RECORDER with a tuner for one hundred dollars - yes that's ONE Hundred dollars for a recorder.

It's their DVR 1600 model and it's on sale at Best Buy.




*sigh* Wish I had me 100 bucks.

Oh well.

btw- I put up more puppy pics yesterday, just in case you have not seen them.
*Lion grins widely*
Sometimes you don't need money when you have good friends. Hope to be up your way either next week or week after. I might drop in if you're up to it.
*looks at lion*

Hmm- what you up to, dear lion???

You being sneaky???

Please keep me informed as to when/if you are out this way. Maybe we can do lunch or something..

Sneaky? Me??

I'll give you a call if the schedule holds and I'm able to swing north of my usual route. It really hurts to be out at Plymouth so often and not having the time to swing north to see you.
*Gentle Hugs*
*gets even more curious*

You so silly.. thanks for the smile, Kam.

okies, just keep me informed. Of course, Sundays are out for me, but I assume they are for you too. *winks and smiles*

It would be very awesome to see you again. Have to see the "new 'do" ;)


Damn it Smrgol!

*Looks at box sitting on the floor before the TV*
Sure, time this with my having got a little extra money handed to me, $45 in Best Buy credit and my having to go to the mall today.

Oh well, I'll tell you how it works once I get the time to hook it up. It certainly looks like a sweet unit.

Now all I have to do is to explain to myself why I didn't set the money asside for AC and bought a DVD recorder instead.

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

That's OK, I got one too.

Don't forget to pick up the free ten pack of Memorex DVD+R's too.

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

I would recommend getting some Ridek DVD-/+R's as well. They're cheap and you can get like 25/50 cakebox of them.

Plus they're really good. It's better than forking out loads on other high brand type. :)

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

I have 100 Phillips DVD+R's from a "Buy one, Get one Free (and oh by the way there's a good sale on them now too)" I think I paid $15 for the lot.

I'm not sure I've seen the Ridek brand on this side of the pond though.

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

Hmm, I didn't see anything like that around. I've got both DVD -R, +R and RW so I should be okay for a little while. I'm hoping mostly to use the RW and then cut out the commercials using the Media PC software.

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

You lucky duckies ;)

*hugs for the Kirin & the Lion*

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

Are you saying you could use a DVD Recorder?
*Looks at Kirin and others wolfess friends with evil grin*

Oops, now I've got her really worried.

You never know these days.
*Gentle Hugs*

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

Well, it would make things A LOT easier for me, not having to deal with videotapes anymore..a lot less aggravation - and a reduction in aggravation is very welcomed right now. Trying to lower the stress level, as the doc told me I have to or it does not bode well.

*looks around at all the smiling folk*

Now what you guys up to??

*smiles and hugs*

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

*Lion rubs his paws together*
Well things are looking good for me to be out your way late Thursday and so a Friday visit might not be out of the question. I'll just have to see what I can do to reduce some of that stress at that time. You just have to promise not to laugh too much at my missing mane.

*looks around at all the smiling folk*
Now what you guys up to??

Who? Them, Us, Me?
Oh Nothing, nothing at all.
*Gentle Hugs*

Re: Damn it Smrgol!

Ooo, would be cool to see you, Kam. :)

Maybe we can do a meal, dependent on the time of day of your visit of course. Be it lunch, dinner or what have you.

Aww-- you (and from the sound of it, maybe others involved too), are soo kind. I am not sure what you are all up to, but I have my suspicions, and if I am right.. thank you!!

i promise not to laugh at your new 'do...just give me a moment to adjust to the change ;)

Keep me updated about next week ;)

*hugs tight*
Don't know if I trust the one that comes from Asda Walmart over here for £99 though. I think it only has limited connection as in it doesn't have RGB input so wouldn't record the best quality.

Cheapest for me at the moment is about £199-250 which is out of my leauge. The only way I could do it is to get a LG DVD burner for the PC and then a USB2 WinTV PVR box. (I've heard good things about those. Works like a Tivo and records in mpeg2 so putting it onto dvd's isn't that difficult afterwards.)