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OK, what do you do with something like this ...

I am the administrator for our local mailing list.  I got this e-mail today.

Subject: Xxxxx guesses he just don't rate

The lil foxy on XXXth st in Queens sighs and notes he's not on the members
list, but figures that's also why no one wanted to come to his burger bash
last summer. Fuck you all then. Take me off your mailing list. Phooey,
phooey, phooey.

I did write him an e-mail explaining that I don't update the member profiles and that he would have to send the info to my webmaster (who is VERY far behind in updating the site).
I suggested that his event may have conflicted with other stuff and that this type of thing happens.  I also gave him the directions to unsubscribe, but told him he would be missed.

He has unsubscribed.

Normally an unsub wouldn't bother me, but the tone of the letter does.  To me it points to one unhappy person.
I do not know this person, I cannot get in touch with him.  I did ask the list in general to check in if they know him.

*sigh*  I guess I can't save the world, eh?

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