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Jury Duty

I was only there for a day and a half. I had to report at 8:30AM Wednesday. By 11:00 I was called to jury selection on a criminal case. We were taken by bus the 1/2 mile to the Criminal Court Building where we had to hang around and then go and sit in the court room.

The potential jurors (about 36 of us) sat in the back and were called up to the jury box as needed.
The Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and Judge all asked questions and then conferred. They then dismissed a group of these people and filled in from our group in the back for round two.

It all ended about 4:30, but I had to go back Thursday morning at 11:00AM. I was one of the first group to be called to the jury box and was one of the ones not chosen (yay!) I was home by 1:00PM. Oh yeah, we had to make our own way back from the court house to the parking lot. The distance was OK, but it was bloody cold - and worse with the wind chill.

No County Jury Duty for at least four years, and because of the 2nd Day, no Federal Court Jury Duty for six years.

Of course I had to play catch-up at work today, but that wasn't too bad.



What kind of questions did they ask you? I had a court case involving the murder of some guy's girlfriend. Didn't get the full details because they settled while we were in the back room waiting. The judge came in to give us the good news. I think it was the judge. Long time since that happened. But during the Q&A session they asked us all kinds of weird questions. My favorite was what kind of music I listen to and if I was associated with any religion.

Favorite music: *shrugs* just about anything and 80's stuff.

Religion I told them:
*turns his eyes up into his eye sockets and speaks in a menacing tone* I AM SLAVE TO THE RELIGION OF THE GOD WHO'S NAME I DARE NOT SPEAK IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MUNDANES. *Stands up and points* BOW! BOW BEFORE THE MIGHTINESS OF OUR MASTER ZOD!!!! *Falls over twitching* NOOOO! I spoke his name!!! I must be punished! *puts his hand down his pants* Punish me Ms. prosecutor! Punish me!!
I can only imagine how much trouble I would get into if I did that. :xD Suffice it to say I said Christian. OK I need to go to bed. It's getting late and I'm getting weird.
Hmm so am I weird because its late or is it late because I'm weird. Could I be affecting the world's perception of time because I'm warped?!!? OMG!! I need to go to bed now before reality starts to disintegrate into nacho crumbs!

PS- All hail Zod the magnificent.


Well, the one thing that didn't sit right with me was the use of a "Confidential Informant" who was someone with a criminal record already who was paid by the police to get something on the person on trial.

I basically let them know that I could not be impartial when it came to the informant's testimony.


Umm sorry Smrgol. I thought this was a post from Forsolei a friend of mine. You and him have VERY similar icons. I'm playing games with him all the time. Hope I didn't freak you out by the post. ;x)

How's the Jetta running? I still am contemplating getting one after your little tour at AC last year.

Re: Oops


The PASSAT is running fine, thanks!
It's four years old now and just has under 107,000 trouble free miles.
Better luck then me.
No jury duty for me today, Gov holiday.