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Schumacher - Ferrari - Bridgestone
Barichello - Ferrari - Bridgestone
Moneiro - Jordan Toyota - Bridgestone
Karthikeyan - Jordan Toyota - Bridgestone
Albers - Minardi Cosworth - Bridgestone
Freisacher - Minardi Cosworth - Bridgestone

The remaining 14 cars were not classified.

Thus ends one of the saddest excuses for a Grand Prix race I have ever seen.  And it had to come at Indianapolis.

Michelin would not guarantee their tyres for the race due to problems in practice Friday and Saturday.
Thus none of the seven teams runninf Michelin would race.  They did the warm up lap and pulled into the pits, leaving the six Bridgstone shod cars to go for a joyride.

And to top it off, Schumacher and Barichello are totally pissed off at each other.  The fans are TOTALLY pissed too (to the point of throwing stuff).
The Indy track owners are not taking part in the podium ceremony either.

The post race interviews should be interesting ...

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