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Schumacher - Ferrari - Bridgestone
Barichello - Ferrari - Bridgestone
Moneiro - Jordan Toyota - Bridgestone
Karthikeyan - Jordan Toyota - Bridgestone
Albers - Minardi Cosworth - Bridgestone
Freisacher - Minardi Cosworth - Bridgestone

The remaining 14 cars were not classified.

Thus ends one of the saddest excuses for a Grand Prix race I have ever seen.  And it had to come at Indianapolis.

Michelin would not guarantee their tyres for the race due to problems in practice Friday and Saturday.
Thus none of the seven teams runninf Michelin would race.  They did the warm up lap and pulled into the pits, leaving the six Bridgstone shod cars to go for a joyride.

And to top it off, Schumacher and Barichello are totally pissed off at each other.  The fans are TOTALLY pissed too (to the point of throwing stuff).
The Indy track owners are not taking part in the podium ceremony either.

The post race interviews should be interesting ...


This was so totally sad...

Got to see it on my end too.

This was a total shit-storm no matter how you look at it. I see the ref's point in being totally inflexible on the rules, as those are the rules. And if they did flex, Ferrari would scream like a little baby. I can also see the racers' point of view, in that they should'nt be held liable for the manufacturer's mistakes.

There was also a lot of chickens coming home to roost...

Last time this happened and Ferrari and the other Bridgestone crews wanted to change tires, the Michelin crews raised merry hell and said no-no-no-waaaah-no! Uh-huh...right. TWO can play that game.

The whole thing was a boiling mass of politics, petty rivalry and stupidity all around. Everyone lost: the fans, the crews, the sponsors, the FIA and the industry as a whole. And what the HELL was with the non-racers doing the parade?!? That was just such a TOTAL tease and mind-rape to the fans in the stands! Serious WTF'age there, especially when they had no idea what the heck was going on like those of us watching on the telly. They should have just stayed in the pits. I totally agree with the fans shouting "RE-FUND! RE-FUND! RE-FUND!" outside the park. Especially considering that some of those fans came all the way from Europe and Asia to see this race...

However, I gotta give seriously MAD props to Michelin for having the gigantic hairy cojones to think of safety first and drop this grenade into everyone's lap-including their own. I would'nt even wish that particular board meeting on Adolf Hitler! *SHUDDER!*
It had something to do with money. It wasn't sporting here but all to do with money. The US being the US. *cough* If a car lost a tyre and lost control and slammed into another car, etc. Under US law the driver etc could then sue others for damages.

F1 is at the moment is a dying sport. It has lost so many fans over the last couple of years and this incident will have done no favours for them whatsoever. Even having breakaway F1 style races is signalling the end of the sport, well the main body anyways.

F1 body now needs to seriously go back to the drawing board and fix this rot. That's if they do however. As for Michelin, couldn't they have at least tried their tyre's at that track beforehand and made a tyre that would've been safe in the first place?

I am beginning to wonder just what other tracks they haven't tested on yet for safety reasons :p