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For those who write, or would like to. And an introduction to Podcasting

Science Fiction author Michael Stackpole is doing a writing Podcast.

A couple more Science Fiction related podcast sites...

Wait a minute, a Podcast???!  What in heck is a Podcast?

A podcast is a feed from a site that is downloaded to your computer and stored as an MP3 file.
It's like a radio show, usually on a specific subject and is usually put out once a week or so, or more often sometimes.
You use a program that grabs the feeds and downloads them to your computer, I'm using one called doppler  [ ]
I also tried  ipodder  [ ]  which has it's good points too.  If you are REALLY creative, you can leave your MP3 player hooked up and schedule the program to download directly to it.

So why do they call it a Podcast?

Someone thought it would be clever to tie it to Apple's iPod.

I have to have an iPod to listen to these?

NO! Any MP3 player will work. I use my PDA.

Do I have to pay for the programs?

No, most are free, but there's usually a donation button if you want to help out.

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