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I can't believe he did that ...

Our next door neighbor cut down a tree in front of his house.

It was an Oak
It was healthy.
It was about 36" in diameter.
It was about 120 ft tall.
It was at least sixty years old.
It was almost a "specimen" tree.
It was beautiful.

It will be missed.


He probably didn't like the "mess" it left. My neighbour cut down three healthy maples because they left a mess every autumn.

Ya just gotta go "Grr!"
Hey Smrgol. You are going to AC this year right? I'm flying in Wed. Just wondering if I'm going to be seeing any familiar muzzles early.

And as for the tree. Yah. They did the same thing here. I grew up with the tree they cut down. The area covered some of the road between the sides of the court I live in. (Townhouses on both sides of a narrow driveway.) I was and still am devastated from that. I want to take the wood chipping and shove it up the townhouse association's collective rear. :x\ I will miss that tree.
my neighbor did that to both of his pine trees, they were shady too, now the sidewalk scorches x.x

this tree had to be as tall and bigger in with, they have the stump still there and the tree still tries to grow, new shoots show every spring from the sides
Thats always so depressing. I always get terribly depressed when trees, ESPECIALLY really ancient ones get cut down. Like.. what things it must have seen! Humans've killed the oldest thing on the planet for scientific study. What it could have "shown us", said thing was a particular species of juniper(The name escapes me), often called "Methusalah trees" in arizona desert. They found out it was over 6,000 years old. Thats it.

...what a waste. Is it any wonder its so easy to hate your own species?
Fortunately, all of the large trees here are "owned" by the city, and a street lined with American Elms is an amazing thing to behold.

Unfortunately, the city is just barely holding back Dutch Elm disease, and if "your" tree shoes ANY signs of the disease, it is removed immediately. :( I pray our tree survives for a long time.
I've seen this all too often and I'm sure it happens more down your way then up here. Some trees or other natural landscaping doesn't meet the desires of the land owner and so they just 'remodel' the lawn or whatever. The most recent up here was just down the road from me. Do you recall the former Japanese restaurant that had those big pine trees all around it. A new owner, who we still don't know for certain what they are doing with the place, took all of them down, built a pond and totally relandscaped the place. No matter where it is it hurts to see the land rebuilt just on someone's whim.
At least the tree got to grow old and all. I've seen the council here try to plant new tree's around here but they get wrecked by anyone from young kids to drunk people on the way home from the pub or nightclub that the next day you can see them all snapped in half or pulled out.

No way any new tree can survive being planted these days, especially in this area.
That is so sad. I am always amazed at the temperature difference between an area with no trees to an area full of big shade trees. It makes a HUGE difference here in the desert where the humidity levels are low.
Ugh! It's so sad that people do things like this. Bet he's going to notice when his A/C bill goes up and he wonders why. Too bad he didn't realize all the tree did for him by just being there. Silly people.....
For Yule, give him a copy of The Lorax, or The Giving Tree.

Hopefully the lumber was used instead of wasted. A cousin talked of planting some slow growth trees with the intention of selling them for lumber when they were mature enough since they're expensive enough.
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