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I can't believe he did that ...

Our next door neighbor cut down a tree in front of his house.

It was an Oak
It was healthy.
It was about 36" in diameter.
It was about 120 ft tall.
It was at least sixty years old.
It was almost a "specimen" tree.
It was beautiful.

It will be missed.


Hey Smrgol. You are going to AC this year right? I'm flying in Wed. Just wondering if I'm going to be seeing any familiar muzzles early.

And as for the tree. Yah. They did the same thing here. I grew up with the tree they cut down. The area covered some of the road between the sides of the court I live in. (Townhouses on both sides of a narrow driveway.) I was and still am devastated from that. I want to take the wood chipping and shove it up the townhouse association's collective rear. :x\ I will miss that tree.