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I can't believe he did that ...

Our next door neighbor cut down a tree in front of his house.

It was an Oak
It was healthy.
It was about 36" in diameter.
It was about 120 ft tall.
It was at least sixty years old.
It was almost a "specimen" tree.
It was beautiful.

It will be missed.


I've seen this all too often and I'm sure it happens more down your way then up here. Some trees or other natural landscaping doesn't meet the desires of the land owner and so they just 'remodel' the lawn or whatever. The most recent up here was just down the road from me. Do you recall the former Japanese restaurant that had those big pine trees all around it. A new owner, who we still don't know for certain what they are doing with the place, took all of them down, built a pond and totally relandscaped the place. No matter where it is it hurts to see the land rebuilt just on someone's whim.