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Is there a market for "Furry Forever" Stuff?

So far I've made polo shirts, Tee-Shirts, Denim Shirts and Caps.  All have been embroidered.

They go over "OK" but there's been no real demand or interest.
However when I put a cap in a Charity Auction, it goes for about $35 on average.

Should I try printed T-Shirts?

More caps?

Should I do some pins?

Should I just give up on it?


I'd buy a pin. Do you have a cap supplier that can do the logo on, say... black?
The caps require a minimum of 12 in any one color.

Right now I have a blue logo on a tan cap with a blue bill.
I’d be in the market for new FF pins. The white one I have is kinda getting boring.
J. Vulpine has a hot tag similar to the furry forever logo with a four-way frame(Square/diamond, whatever): Play hard, Live well, somethingorother and yiff often, with the centre reading 'furry forever'. I thought it was cute. Anyways.. you should make a few black t's with the white print that're so popular these days.
I'm as much at a loss as are you as to why this stuff doesn't sell. I'd expect people to be interested and pick the stuff up but I know the track record hasn't been good. The one suggestion about a web site might be helpful but it could also be a bit of a hassle.

Wish I knew the solution.
My guess- and it's ONLY a guess- is that people are more skittish to display furry pride give the stigma that comes from it now. OK, there are a lot of people who have and display this pride, but speaking for myself here, it's unlikely that other then a wolf shirt and the Bone wolf-paw necklace that I occasionally wear (and even then discreetly, sometimes under my shirt) I will be wearing anything else overly furry related. I still like the stuff, but I have no interest in letting it be known. That's just me though.