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Kirin 01 - portrait

Further Confusion

I'm heading for Further Confusion Thursday morning.

So why the heck does it feel "wrong"?
Is it guilt about going on vacation when I'm in debt?
Travel anxiety? Overtiredness apathy?

Crap, I don't know - but right now I could care less if I go or not.

Maybe I should try for an early night and hope I feel better in the morning.



Well if it helps, I'm looking forward to seeing ya!

-The Gneech
I get like that too before a big event or con. I don't know what it is. Maybe just your mind balancing itself out from the excitement. *hugs* Have fun and don't worry about anything. :)
In my case, the "wrong" feeling is from leaving work behind to go on a wild long weekend, which is funny because of the number of times I've said to heck with it to go grab a quick geocache.
Eh, I think it's just con excitement. Plus too, there may be some modest guilt about debt. But hey, it's only money and you can scrimp later. If I hadn't blown my wad earlier this year, I'd be there too. Even if I had to spend a piece of dosh and place it on the credit cards.

My advice... leave the anxiety at home, and enjoy the con. Anxiety will be waiting for you when you return, along with post con let down, and general blues... and they say they need a fourth for bridge... so there you are.