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Furry Forever Embroidered Stuff - One more try.

Polo Shirts - Men's (S to 2XL) or Women's (S to XL) - $25

Caps - $15

I'd need six of you to sign up by Sunday for shirts or I can't make the minimum.

Colors to be determined - yes, it looks like I can mix them if needed.

I MUST get the order in by Sunday though.


Would it help if I put a plug in the SJ community?

Please do! I didn't want to post in other than my own Journal because that would be "rude".

Anyone who wants to share this, please do!
I would if I had the money. Sorry.
I'll take a black Large polo. If black can't be done, then either snad of grey.
snad = sand
Where do I sign up?

For those who want to get stuff

E-Mail me at smrgol@optonline.net

I can do PayPal, check or Money Order.