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Kirin 01 - portrait

Furry Forever Pawprint Shirts

Well the second order went out today. Seven shirts from a limited e-mailing to friends.
So far it's been done almost as a public service.

I would love to take these "public" but I doubt I could hold the $26 price, as I wait until the company puts them on sale, and I don't really make anything on them. But would folks pay more? Say $30?

I also need to get at least a half dozen at a clip to put in an order. I don't have the capitol or room to lay in stock on speculation either.

How would I let folks know that I have them? I can't post to a newsgroup, that's wrong.
Since less than two dozen actually have shirts, word of mouth isn't feasible yet.


I would kill for the furry forever logo with a bit of claw showing. What do they look like? Are we talking super fur...er...superman sized logo on the shirt or is it a bit tasteful in size? Any picts?

As for distribution. I would suggest talking to a few dealers this year at AC and see if any of them would agree to peddle your wares. If they are anything like the FF pins they will fly.

use your livejournal and other contacts...

I definitely would have to look at them, though, before giving a pricing opinion. Looking forward to talking to you at FC....

Do you have any pictures of the shirts?
I think people would pay more for them. $30 seems about right, especially if you could get them in larger sizes.

For distribution, you might compile an e-mail list of folks you think would buy the product and make inquiries. Posting in your journal is another option or possibly a small web site WITH the understanding that either supplies are limited or the shirts are made-to-order. You could do this on a commission basis instead of ordering in bulk. Generally, starting merchandise is 25-30% above the cost to create them, not including personal labor.


There are pictures posted - see the other post or just go here:


These were just quickies taken this morning before work.
(Yeah, with the new camera)