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Finally a project!

Well, I closed the window once too often on the indoor/outdoor thermometer wire.  It broke last night.

Today I went to Radio Shack to get small shrink wrap tubing to cover the splices in the repaired wires.

While I was there, I looked at the new crop of indoor/outdoor thermometers.  They now have wireless sensors and range in price from $25 to $50.  Too much, but nice.

Then I saw this one:  A Picture Frame Thermometer with a built in self setting "atomic" clock. .  Not bad, the display was a good size, but I really don't need that picture frame ...
Huh?  It only $15 on sale?!  Maybe I can do something with it after all ... Hmmm ...

So I have modified the case.  Not quite what I had in mind originally, but it looks OK.  And it only took about an hour to do.


Not bad. I wonder if my local Radio Shack has these on sale? I'll swing by tomorrow. Nice mod. Though I'd probably stick Otto's furry face in the picture frame part.
The wireless units are nice when they work, but they sometimes do weird stuff. Mine will work again if I replace ALL the batteries, even thought the installed batteries all test good. I think maybe my transmitter is competing with a neighbor's, and the one with the hottest batteries wins.
cool :) looks done well enough