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Off to Memphis

Today's the day - we start the drive to Memphis in the wake of hurricane Katrina and the possibility of $4.00 per gallon gas (yeah, that's what the radio now says).

Kamau will pick me up at work and we'll leave for LK's and then it's on to Camstone's to spend the night.

Tomorrow it's onward to Memphis.

The fun will be on the way home, as we are making a detour to Tigerhaven.


I hope that estimate is wrong but wouldn't be surprised. For now I think we should just focus on the trip, meeting up with friends and enjoying ourselves as best we can. Yeah, the cost may mean picking up a few less goodies but memories are free for the taking.

See you later today.
*Gawks* I pray gas isn't *quite* That bad yet. Its almost three bucks yet, here in the heart of maryland. Needless to say, we're not quite looking foreward to the drive :) So spensive!
Drive safe and have fun.