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Home from Memphis

I got in about 30 minutes ago.  We left Camstone's at about 8:30AM and LK's  at 12:30PM

Kamau left me at my workplace where I had parked my car at about 3:40 PM

Premium gas is running $3.559 in CT and $3.599 near home.

It was a long but very worthwhile trip.



I want my bell ringer back you one horned thief!!!!

Re: Thief

He's not a thief. He's just keeping it safe from abuse. :=3

Re: Thief

If I had the ringer, I would send it to you.

The two ringers were taken by someone from St.Louis,

The bell is in Oklahoma, the stem is in Tennessee.

I was told that they will all eventually get back to you.

"I vas only followink orders"
welcome back. -Frisk
I am glad to hear the trip was worthwhile... that is very important.

Glad you are all home safely too.