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Cape Cod or Bust!


Here it is 3AM and I haven't finished packing.
Yeah, I fell asleep at about 10PM and woke up about an hour ago.

There is SO much to do for such a short trip though.
All I'm doing is driving my parents up to my brother's place so they can stay for a couple of weeks.
I get to come home by bus on Sunday (into NY City then home by train) *Sigh*  I wish I had a couple of extra vacation days to use...

My brother's place is nice, right on Cape Cod Bay.


He lets the folks use it when it's not rented, but getting them there is the tricky part.  Usually only once or twice a year.
I have to drive them up as Dad, at age 86, cannot do it anymore.  In two weeks I reverse the process to collect them.

I still need to pack clothing and entertainment for the trip home (PSP and Nintendo DS, Portable DVD player with 24 Season 2)
The maps are downloading to the GPS as I type this ...

It's going to be a Loooong day!


Yeah, it is too bad you can not stay there longer, as the weather for the next few days is suppossed to be pretty nice.

You drive safely.

I am sooo envious of your nintendo ds... I sooo need to get one so I can then get Nintendogs. Way too many people have told me I neeeed to get that game *whine* ;)

Again, travel safely.

ERf... it is 5:11 and i am still awake.. not a good night.

Take care.

Good luck with the trip. Be safe and give your folks my best.
Be safe, lad! Have a good drive. The weather should be PERFECT for driving(Cloudy, and sunny).