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I've got my flights for Midwest Furfest.

I'm going on American Airlines out of LaGuardia NY. 

Outbound it's flight 361 leaving NY at 9:30PM on Thursday the 17th.  Arriving at Chicago O'Hare at 11:00PM.
Return is Flight 342 leaving ORD at 8:00PM on Monday the 21st and arriving to LGA at 11:02PM.

I've chosen seats in Row 17 that SHOULD have a power outlet if the plane has them.  17A outbound, 17F return - both window seats.

I still have to lock down transportation at the Chicago end.


My Chauffeur Limousine Service (800-244-6200) is, in my opinion, a good deal for ground transportation. Cheaper than a cab.
Get my contact info from LK. I don't have the hotel for Thursday. Should I change the resevation to include Thursday? Or do you have other plans?

Other Plans

I just got off the phone with Innerwolf.

He can put up with, err ...put me up Thursday night.

He also needs a room mate as his backed out.
So if you folks don't mind, I will room with him so he doesn't get shafted for the full rate.

Re: Other Plans

No problem. I am still unclear on one point. Are you rooming with Innerwolf just Thursday, or the whole weekend?

Re: Other Plans

I'll room with him all weekend.

I'll stay at his place Thursday night.

Thanks for offering your room though, I look forward to meeting you.

Maybe we should have a "Rails 'n Tails" get together at the con.

Re: Other Plans

Okay, sorry, LK gave me the idea you were staying with us. I didn't know there were other plans. I talked to Innerwolf last night. I just didn't want to leave you hanging Thursday evening.
"Rails 'n Tails?" I don't see how it can't happen. You mean non-RR furs will be at MFF too?

Re: Other Plans

Well, I had originally thought I was going to stay with you also, but when Innerwolf needed a room mate i figured it would be easier. Also this gives RR Wolf the chance to stay with you two if the need arises (LK mentioned that RR might need space)
No, I missed MFF last year due to a shortage of vacation time and a commitment to attend Camstone's wedding in December.