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150,000 mile service comes early.

Actually, at 149,270.  I've had a vibration at the left front of the car for a couple of weeks now and needed it checked.
I went to the tire dealer yesterday as that could have been a probable cause.  He diagnosed a bad wheel bearing.
I made the appointment with VW when I got back from that visit.

So the bearing was about $300, the 150K mile service about $150 and tax brought it up to about $480 - plus $45 to rent a Ford Focus from Enterprise for the day.

Oh well, two more payments and it's all mine!


This that Passat you bought back when we first started chatting? To replace the Civic? It sure has been a while. Has it been treating you well?
Yep, it's that Passat.

It's treating me well. No surprises, just normal wear and tear.